Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday 16 JulyOn the way to a blogging meeting, sitting in the rather nice new carriage of the metropolitan line tube to Aldgate, I saw a lady of a certain size (let’s say that in breadth she was roughly the size of two), with a quite pretty polyester skirt (it is summer after all). I don’t know how long she had been sitting there: the metropolitan line comes down from Amersham, but before alighting at Euston Square, she stood up and expertly whacked her damp skirt away from her buttock cleft then, head up, sailed off majestically.
     Spent the evening listening to Ms Robin Houghton - social business communications guru - and found this to be inspiring.
     Earlier, emptied the cat pee box, a portion of which went on my feet. Went to ATM to get money for Post Office visit - of two machines next to a building site, one was not in service the other vandalised. Ate a 1-day old samosa. The trials of sending out a manuscript.

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