Friday, 20 July 2012

It's nearly the end of the working week and at the beginning of this week I am reminded that Monday's Telegraph carried the rallying cry from the Mayor of London that bad weather is the very stuff of Britishness. You can read it here. We also end the week with the tragic events in Denver Colorado.
    My visit to the Queen Elizabeth Hall roof garden has raised in my mind the irony of a new Eden on a rooftop, a refuge from the world man has built (which in general I find perfectly fine I should add, except for the non-built environment which gets in the way of my seeing it properly, namely congested roads). And the further irony that we left the original Eden to work in offices and drive around in metal boxes so we wouldn't get our shoes dirty - and here is Eden returned to us by people in recovery, hostel dwellers and those who have known homelessness.

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